hey, i’m dee


24 / leo / ma / enfji like drawing pretty ladies and furries.Some fun facts?1. I have 15 tattoos, 6 of them cartoon or anime related2. My hair has been every color imaginable3. I’m a professional graphic designer!



  • iced coffee

  • anime / cartoons

  • cats

  • video games

  • Cosplay

  • apple sauce!

  • Arguments

  • Spicy food

  • Making decisions

  • Politics

commission tos

Before you access my commissions page, I ask to read my TOS and look over all my rules and guidelines. Thank you!


  • I have the right to cancel or decline any order without giving a reason why.

  • Commissioners can use my artwork for personal reasons only. This does not include brand use.

  • If you're looking for art to be used for a brand, please contact me so we can talk about pricing.

  • By commissioning me, you agree to be of legal age or have guardian permission to utilize PayPal.

  • All commissions are digital goods; there will be no physical art shipped out.

Process, pricing, & refunds

  • Complete the Google form to request a commission

  • I will send an invoice once I begin working on your commission

  • PayPal only

  • Once the design is started, you can be refunded 1/3 of the commission price

  • Once the commission is completed, no refunds can be issued.

  • If the commission is canceled/refunded, I will NOT give you the WIP

  • You will receive a PNG of your commission via DM or email, your choice

  • I will NOT send a layered file, do not ask.

adoptable tos

  • All adopts will have two perspective ref sheets as an add-on if requested

  • You may gift, trade and resell any designs you've received that were created by me

  • You may change the adopt design after purchase if you'd like.

  • You may NOT resell at a higher price than what you bought it for, unless art has been added

where to find me!